Money saving tips that your plumber can help you with.

We get questions all the time about different ways to a plumber can help a homeowner to save money. We decided to form some ideas into a blog.

One of the more common questions that we get is what is the cheapest operating temperature of an electric water heater. We recently did an experiment of different temperatures over the course of a year. The experimental temperatures were 115 degrees 120 degrees and 125 degrees. This was done on a residential and commercial scale. The different temperatures were run over a four month span. Our experiment showed us that 125 degrees was the cheapest operating temperature in a residential application. We found that the reason why was because the most hot water that you will use throughout your day is in the shower. If the water is too hot you will use more cold and less hot putting less strain on your water heater. Keep in mind, 120 degrees is recommended in a residential application.

Another common cause of higher water bills is dripping faucets. On average one drip per second on a faucet will increase your water bill by about $30 per billing cycle. A lot of these drips or leaks could be inconspicuous if they are located in a low traffic area. Common areas are mother-in-law suites, outside faucets or areas of the house that are not easily accessed by the elderly or disabled.

One last area to investigate would be leaking or continuously running toilets, also known as the ghost flusher. When a flapper in a toilet slowly leaks down, the tank will fill just for a few seconds, or it does not stop running completely and the sound is so quiet that you are unable to hear it.

These are quick and simple tips to decrease your water consumption and keep your water bill as low as possible. If you are having trouble with any of these, give Smith Plumbing LLC a call and we an have a plumber come and help save you money.

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